About Us

Social Media Directors sheds light on the crazy marketing world of social media for companies and distinguished individuals in Vancouver and beyond. We assist those who wish to reap the benefits of enhancing their online profile using the age-old methods of personal interaction and communication with our clients and their brands. Social Media Directors bridges the gap between the analogue and digital worlds in the same way that social media bridges the gap between businesses and consumers.

With traditional advertising markets disappearing faster than rainforests, social media marketing is something even small businesses need. Social Media Directors guides those who wish to blaze a trail, not just in the digital media market of today, but also in the ones that could appear tomorrow, in Vancouver or anywhere.

Social Media Directors is not a company that claims to do everything for your business, then shops out jobs out to others. We specialize in working with clients using our talents. If we can’t do something ourselves, we will point you to someone who can better serve that need.

We can help you set up, optimize and manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, as well blogs and other social media channels, and we are also proficient in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), copywriting, editing and content creation.


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