How to ‘Social Media’ for Small Business

First, you have to know, “what is social media?” Then, when deciding how to do social media for your business, you will have to decide whether you have the time to take care of it or not. Improper management of the social media channels your business sets up can be an even worse mistake than not having any set up at all. If you decide you don’t have the time to manage this side of your business, you have four choices:

#1: Do not do social media at all.

Bad idea, unless you have another great plan that no one else knows about. If this is the case, do tell! But, at least if this is your choice, you avoid the huge problem that will be caused by the second choice.

#2: Set up social media channels (accounts, profiles, etc…) and leave it at that.

Worst idea possible. If this is what you do, people will find you, see that communication has stopped (or worse, never began), and make the reasonable assumption that you are out of business – never a good thing. Once this thought gets in someone’s head, it is almost impossible to remove later.

#3: Make time to manage your channels.

If you can make the time to manage your own social media channels, this is the best route to take. Unfortunately, if you are trying to run a small business, the chances are good that you are simply not able to do this. Here is a bit of advice on better time management, and we here at Social Media Directors suggest you at least give this a try first. If you can manage your own channels and grow your business, everybody wins. As profits and your business expand, you may find that you want to hire someone in our industry – not have to.

Juggling clocks.

Time is golden. Gold is expensive.

#4: Hire an employee to take care of it.

There are benefits and drawbacks to this option:

The benefits can include having someone at your place of work to mold into the employee you’ve always dreamed of ordering around. If you are the kind of person that needs to see butts in chairs, you’ll have another butt in a chair to look at. Communication is as quick as speaking out loud, throwing a ball of paper, or walking over to a desk and giving a quick tap on the shoulder of your hire to divert their attention away from their Facebook time.

The drawbacks can include the actual hiring process: finding interviewees, doing interviews, etc. You’ll also need another desk to put one of those butts at, and you’ll have to buy a chair for the butt to sit in. And, having to actually walk over to a desk to give a quick tap on the shoulder of your hire to get their attention away from their Facebooking time. Speaking of Facebook time, you’ll likely need to supply the employee with a computer. Also, there is the paperwork, benefits, and training, the hassle of firing, if necessary, and micromanaging. Some people enjoy this stuff, really.

#5: Hire a social media agency.

Hiring a social media agency like Social Media Directors can be less costly and more efficient than hiring an employee. Also, since we already know what we are doing, there is no training involved. This is the choice that we hope you will make when the time is right, and when hiring a company like ours makes the most sense for your business. If this is you, and the time is right, we’d love to start a conversation.

OK, that’s five choices, I know. Just seeing if you’re paying attention.


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