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A marketing specialist for over a decade, Rees’s passion for renewable energies led him to United Power and National Photovoltaic Construction Partnership as a Marketing Manager, creating awareness campaigns for electricians and utilities, helping them to move forward into the renewable energy sector. With the skills Rees gained in Internet, offline and local marketing, as well as in Joint Venture consulting and set up as the Investor Relations and Media manager for 3One Media, he realized he wanted to start his own company. Combining Rees’s skills in traditional and Internet marketing with his talent and insight into proper, low-cost “guerrilla” style marketing, Social Media Directors was conceived.

When, in his spare time, he is not training to maintain his Black belt in Ninpo Taijutsu (yes, he is a ninja), Rees is a professional jazz guitar player and former part-time rock star.

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Photo of Blake.



Blake has been working in Vancouver in online media and marketing, mostly for large online gaming companies, since 2005. Starting as a customer service rep, he quickly rose to a sports writer position, then news editor and, finally, web content manager in 2008.  With the crackdowns in the American market regarding online gaming, however, Blake has decided not to further pursue a career in that industry. Instead, he has decided to use the skills he learned in writing, SEO, copywriting, editing and content management while working for others, but this time to create this excellent social media marketing company with Rees in beautiful Vancouver.

His ‘other interests’ in regular life include an unhealthy affinity for American football, traveling (especially in tropical areas) and writing.

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