What is SEO and could you do SEO? Either way, avoid scammers. Part III

SEO, for me, is kind of like quantum physics. It makes me think of something the great physicist of the last century, Richard Feynman, said: “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.”

The same thing applies for SEO. No one knows for sure what those search engine bots are told to do by the algorithms they’re set to by the teams of engineers behind them. No one. We know some of the processes involved, sure, and we have theories about others, but much is educated guesswork.

Anyone you see who is trying to sell you a guide saying they do, and that they can teach you how to do SEO is ripping you off. They do not practice good business ethics, and you should always steer clear of them.

SEO can be trained, to a certain degree, and with the right pupils, of course. But some people are never going to get it, period. And any shyster who is telling you that, for only $19.99, they will make you such a good SEO-ist that you will be able to rank any website in the top page of Google is a liar.

Business ethics t-shirt.

Ethics are the cornerstone of good business.

That’s one of the reasons I like having the name ‘director’ in our company. I can’t tell any random person that I will make them an SEO master. Neither can I teach it to a person who is not mentally aligned to learn SEO. What I can do, and do very well, is direct you. I can point you in the right direction, and tell you where you are making mistakes. I can’t tell you how I know it, though, and I can’t tell you how to know it. I am not a teacher. Neither are these scumbags people who try to sell you SEO marketing material with the promise of Internet riches. Do not give them money.

If you know the way of SEO (I want to call you Luke now); if your brain is hardwired to interact in a positive way with SEO fundamentals, you will suddenly realize it at some point, if you don’t already know it. It will be a “Eureka” moment, like when you suddenly understand something in math. I had that in algebra.

If you “get” it, I will be able to help you realize it. Once you realize that you can do it, and that you understand the basic fundamentals, you won’t need me anymore.

That’s my job.

If you do not “get” it, however, I can’t teach you. You will have to hire someone, and if I enter into your consideration, all the better.

*I thought I would reply in this post to some commentary, but I have already responded in the comments and will continue to do so until I have enough to warrant a full post.*


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