What is SEO and could you do SEO? Either way, avoid scammers. Part II

In the offline world starting small makes sense. You start small and try to grow. But this is the Internet. It is not yet completely governed by politics. There are computers involved, and computers work using logic. Simple, reason-based logic.

Often, these SEO experts who are trying to sell you their strategy will convince you to not even try to go for the big keywords. They attempt to make, and often succeed in making us pay for not trying. It is madness, and it is because they can’t succeed in getting valuable results, so they convince you that you don’t need those results.

You should not listen to them, or at least not pay them. It never hurts to listen for a bit; know your enemy is not just a cliché.

Well-written, original and researched material with relevant, high-quality content that is rich, but not over-saturated, with properly researched keywords and is linked to content-related sites – both yours and others – is the type of copy that works best. Though it requires more effort and time, it is the fastest, longest-lasting and certainly most profitable way to get ranked high on Google and stay there. Some people call it White Hat SEO. I call it honesty.

Fascism Warning

Thank you for fighting, Grampy Bud. Never forgotten.

In WWII, my grandfather, was wounded in battle fighting as an infantryman trying to end Mussolini’s fascist reign in Italy. He rarely talked about that horrible time in human history, but he told me a story once. He’d gone to the store near his parents’ home just before being drafted, and he’d asked the shopkeeper if he could borrow a bottle of soda, promising to pay the nickel for it on the following day. The shopkeeper agreed, but the next day my grandfather was drafted and was gone for the next three years fighting a war in another continent against a lunatic’s mad plan to take over and genetically modify the Earth. He told me that one of the first things he did when he arrived back home was to go to that store and pay the shopkeeper his nickel back.

Now, the shopkeeper wanted nothing to do with taking a nickel owed from years before from a young man with a bullet in his leg, taken while defending this same shopkeeper’s very freedoms. But Grampy Bud insisted, and paid the man his nickel. He had given his word, and he said nothing short of death can keep a good man from keeping his word and being honest. My grandfather was a good man.

I’ve lived that way ever since.

Back to content: I’m sure we’ve all heard that content is king. Well, let’s bring the monarchy back to the Internet.

The whole concept of search engines grew around giving us results based on relevant content. Giving us what we were searching for. Google did this nest, and became king. I find these paid top-rank spots to be no different from what Shaw Cable is trying to implement in Canada, in a clear affront to net neutrality, with their answer to Netflix/ Shaw Cable’s new streaming video service will not count towards your bandwidth usage, which they want to charge more for when you go over a set limit in your Internet usage plan. It is plain wrong. It flies in the face of net neutrality. People here in Vancouver, and all over Canada, should boycott Shaw Services if this gets pushed through.

As for the SEO experts, don’t get me wrong. There certainly are great SEO experts, advisers and managers who can do amazing things and know a helluva about what’s going on in the SEO world, certainly more than I. I’m talking about the marketers: the ones who are trying to sell you on the idea that they can teach you how to do it.

Part Three Tomorrow…


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  1. Timothy Alexander Aitch

    Love the story about your gramps. Inspirational. … I think you maybe should go for the top words, but it might also be a good idea to go for 2nd and 3rd tier keywords. While they might only get 40 or 50 thousand searches, the ratio of people using those words to searches often places you in a less competitive market making it easier to rise to the top.

  2. Thanks, Tim!

    And I agree with you wholeheartedly. I certainly don’t mean to insinuate that the lower-level keywords should not be on your list of targets, just that the top ones should as well. I should qualify that I am talking about a site that has ever-increasing content.

    If you have but a couple, or a limited number, of static pages on your site – and that is the extent of your content – then your site will likely not do very well in search engines if it targets already heavily-owned keywords. I should have been more clear on that point.

    Thanks for making this trenchant for me. I’ll make sure to add this caveat in Part Three!

  3. David Navarre

    Blake, I’d also say that trying to use the big words isn’t going to really work for someone. My own blog ranks high on certain search terms that our specific to my interests (I rank high for information on vandalism of the “bizory monument”) and my wife’s is near the top with terms that are specific to her business (see “retained executive advancement”). So, if you’re a niche business (or site), then those niche terms can work for you.

  4. Thanks for bringing that up, David.

    It is true that niche businesses/sites, almost by definition, have to approach their SEO knowing that they will be better served by going for specific terms that directly relate to their product, idea, theme, service, topic, etc.

    Not everyone should be going for top-searched terms. Everyone needs to target the keywords that will best serve their purpose, and of those are high-raking search terms, they should not let someone else tell them that they should settle for less, is what I am getting at.

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