Social Media Directors: Helping Your Small Business Use Twitter, Part I

Twitter, as with all social media, helps your business bridge a gap between you and your potential and existing clients. As some Vancouver businesses who have or are hiring social media managers have been finding out, on Twitter a customer can give you a rave review, request information on a product or service you offer, or lodge a complaint, all in real time. Having a service that makes sure you see both the positive and the negative content, while filtering out spam and other messages that you need not spend your valuable time on, is becoming imperative.

While big businesses can use Twitter by following trends in the ‘twitterscape’ to see trends in their industry as they are taking shape, and hire whole teams to manage their multimillion dollar advertising budgets, smaller businesses have to be a little craftier. There are lots of reasons for social media users to follow their favorite big brands, but smaller businesses can still get in on the action, especially on a local level.

In order for, say, your small Vancouver business to successfully leverage the social media power of a platform such as Twitter, you can’t rely on a stream of public discussion of your product in most cases. People, by nature, will discuss big brands with little to no prodding, as most people deal with those products on a frequent basis.

You, on the other hand, need to come up with intriguing ways to keep your local business top of mind, for locals and for visitors who will be searching for new places to visit and products to buy. You can’t do this by tricking people – they are too smart for that these days – but through the use of smart, unpretentious ways to engage people. People will be driven to engage with you only if you give them a good reason; they are also on social networks to keep up with friends and family.

Social Media Directors will help you strategize exactly whom your target audience consists of, what kinds of promotions or material will work for them, and how to make your campaigns the kind of campaigns that people tell their friends about and remember you for.

Blue Twitter Bird


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