Why A Facebook Page Is Even Better For Business

At the same time that LinkedIn was looking like they could (and they did) potentially break the seal on the creation of a new dotcom bubble, Facebook decided earlier this year to allow us regular Facebook users to create Business Pages to promote themselves. The seemingly innocuous move is more of a game-changer than it might at first seem.

You can now log into Facebook and represent yourself as your business, completely separate from your personal profile. This basically means you now have two Facebook accounts. Although these are actually bundled in the Facebook back-end as one user – you must set up your business Page through your personal profile, to start – to any other Facebook or web page, anything you say or do or link to, share or comment on, from your Page, links back only to that business Page, not to the private you.

One of the best things about this is that comments you make, whether on Facebook or the New York Times or anywhere on the web, can link back to your Page and give it authorities much in the same way as those links can do for a blog or other website. The potential value in this is huge, for you and for Facebook.

This kind of networking organically gathers leads for your business. And those leads are now more enabled to contact you through your Page.

Facebook Business Page Fan Picture

From Fan Pages to Business Pages, People Like You.

Here at Social Media Directors, we will set up a great looking, functionally superior Facebook business Page for you, then help you manage the content creation, updates and replies, commenting, Likes and more.

We can help you to nicely ask people who visit your page to ‘Like’ it in order to get a deal, extra information, or whatever it is you’d like to offer. There doesn’t even have to be an offer at all, and they still work! These so-called Like Lockers are just one more way a Facebook Page can help you connect with your contacts, and one more of the many ways we can help you leverage the power of social media to help your business.

Moving forward, I will expand on how you can utilize the various Facebook channels to help grow and maintain your business. Books have been, and will be, written on the topic, however, so this ends today’s post, as I don’t have time to write a book today. J

Contact Social Media Directors to discuss how we can help your business get a business Page that works for you!


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