What Can Social Media Directors Do For You?

Social media encompasses an ever-evolving array of channels for consumers and businesses, big and small, alike. Your business needs to stay on top, but you are too busy. That’s where we come in, and here are some of the top tools we offer you.

1)   The Clean Up:

While there are programs you can use to deal with messages sent to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, to name a few, these programs often are unable to distinguish between some messages that might appear on the surface to be spam – perhaps due to something as seemingly minor as words in a subject line that the program is designed to mark as spam – but are not. Social Media Directors provides a not just a set of human eyes, but a set that is specially trained to discern between who and what will be good for your business and what is junk.

2)   Systems Development:

Everyone needs something different, just as everyone is different. We consult with you to find out whom you are, what your goals are and what can be done to help you achieve those goals. For some, the goal will be getting higher page rankings on search engines. For others, it will be maintaining a well-managed communications content system (CCS) with fans and/or clients. Some may need a complete top-to-bottom set-up, while all you may require is a bit of advice on how to properly leverage their social media channels. Social Media Directors has levels of service specially layered to accommodate all degrees of need.

3)   Content Creation:

Social media lives and dies with content created and published by users. We research the topics that will be most beneficial to you, then post pre-approved updates to various channels in a timely manner that is designed for maximum impact and interaction with your audience.

4)   Content Editing:

If you like to write all your own content, that is great! But before you publish, it is always advisable to have someone skilled in the area of editing to take a look. It is amazingly easy to completely turn off a potential client with minor grammatical or punctuation errors, or to unintentionally offend someone or group with a seemingly innocuous remark. Recently, a PR firm, The Redner Group, lost their biggest client over just one tweet…and they are professionals at social media marketing! Had they hired an editor with a trained eye to review their content, they could have avoided not only the loss of the client, but the huge embarrassment it has caused them, which will have long-term implications. This is just one of the services that sets Social Media Directors, and by extension, you, apart from the competition.

Large rock on road.

Small detail management is paramount in avoiding unnecessary accidents.

5)   Research and Development:

You’ve heard of R&D departments? Well, that is just one more aspect of the service we offer you. Five years ago, almost no one had heard of Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, and very few were using Skype. Now, new technologies, like Google Plus, are emerging all the time, while others (Facebook and Skype) are merging to form even more complicated but more useful platforms. Most new technologies fail, but some become almost mandatory. We investigate evolving and emerging social media technologies, perceive their value and use them discriminately, if they are valuable to you. And we enjoy doing it!

6)   Platform Specialization:

There are far too many social media platforms out there for a busy person to have to manage if it is not their specialty. Becoming a Twitter expert might be a great thing, but if Facebook or a blog is the channel that would better serve your business interests, then you are missing out on generating those revenue streams. We work to generate the highest beneficial exposure across all the platforms that are right for you, making sure the right people are able to find, communicate and do business with you.

7)   Audio/Visual Social Media Support:

Here at Social Media Directors, we have extensive radio-interview, music and video production experience, which you can use by having us do preproduction interviews with prospective radio, podcast or video guests, ensuring the smoothest transition from idea to reality.

If you have any questions about these or other services we may be able offer, contact us anytime. If we can’t do what you need, we likely know someone who does.


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